Battery Charging and Maintenance System - FAT-P0104

  • Key Features

  • - Includes 150W charger for quick charging of LiPo flight batteries and autopilot batteries
  • - Includes 360W, 12v power supply allows for connection of a second charger if desired
  • - Includes necessary charge leads for Fat Head Solutions battery systems
  • - Comes complete with rugged transport case
  • - Includes Four (4) 6-cell, 22.2v 5000mAh flight batteries with up to 8000mAh option
  • - Includes Parallel/Series flight battery harness to wire flight batteries as 12s2p (50.4v, 10,000mAh up to optional 50.4v 16,000mAh)
  • - Includes One (1) 3-cell, 11.1v 4400mAh autopilot battery
  • All batteries pre-wired with T-style (Deans) connectors

Price: $2500



Battery charging and maintenance system Specifications

Electrical Max Charging Output 150W
  Power Supply Output 30A @ 12VDC (360W)
Interface Charger 12VDC
    "T" connector charge lead
  Power Supply 110VvAC or 220vAC input
    12vDC output
Mechanical Dimensions 19"x24"x8.5"
  Weight 25.4 lbs


Base Helicopter Battery package specifications


Flight Battery Nominal Voltage 22.2V per battery
  Capacity 5,000mAh per battery
  Maximum Rated Current 100A
  Connector "T" connector
Autopilot Battery Nominal Voltage 11.1V
  Capacity 4400mAh
  Maximum Rated Current 65A
  Connector "T" style connector
Environmental Temperature Approx 32°F to 100°F


8000mAh Battery Replaces 5000mAh Battery (All Specs are Per battery)

Performance Capacity 8000mAh
  Voltage 22.2v
  "C" Rate 25c
Interface Connector Dean's style "T" Connector
Mechanical Dimensions LxWxH 195x50x55mm
  Weight 2.6lb


8300mAh Battery Replaces 5000mAh Battery (all specs are per battery)

Performance Capacity 8300mAh
  Voltage 22.2V
  "C" Rate 25c
Interface Connector Deans' style "T" Connector
Mechanical Dimensions LxWxH 202x49x59
  Weight 2.5lbs