Our Services

Product Support Services

On call/ T&M hourly rate - If you desire support after you procure one of our systems, including helping you integrate and calibrate, you can purchase a minimum of 4 hours support for a 3 month period. Please let us know how many hours you anticipate in a three (3) month timeframe (with minimum of 4 hours) and will be happy to quote that for you. We will bill you on a time and material basis.

Custom Engineering Services

T&M Hourly Rate - Many of our customers want us to support them in designing and developing a unique mounting configuration, provide flight testing support, custom landing systems, etc. We would be happy to quote on a T&M basis to work with you on your project. We have over a dozen small unmanned aircraft that we can quickly bring to bear on your project to prove out and flight test your sensor or camera needs.

Camera Training

Many of our customers would like some basic training on the operation of our camera solutions.   Please let us know if you are interested in our training and we would be pleased to provide a quote.