Side Mounted Camera System - FAT-c0101

  • Key Features

  • - Non-stabilized manual pan/tilt control with R/C Ground Console Control System
    • - Optional stabilized pan/tilt through supporting autopilot interface to hold target position
    • - Vibration Isolated and damped camera mounting method
  • - Supports most commercial video and still compact cameras
  • - Servo-Actuated zoom and shutter available on Fat Head supported cameras (See FAT-C0104, FAT-C0105)
  • - Available anodized in a variety of colors

Price: $5000



Side Mount Camera Specifications

Performance Supports up to 2 lbs  
  Manual Pan/Tilt

Pan up to 180 Degrees, Tilt up/down 90 degrees, Manual Console programmed is included

  Manual Control Frequency 2.4 GHz
  Optional Electronic Stabilization Requires Autopilot license and separate controller
Interface Pan/Tilt Servo Power 5v NiMH Battery Included
  Optional Electronic Stabilization 2x3-pin Connector to spare autopilot servos (pan/tilt)
  Side Mounts to Frame Specify Frame Type, Helicopter Mount Hardware Included
Mechanical Envelope LxWxH 700x300x285mm
  Weight 3 lbs (w/o camera)